VOYA – Top To Toe - Full Body Seaweed leaf wrap

90 Minutes - £120.00

voya – Top to Toe - plus Seaweed Facial

Half a day - £155.00

This crème de la crème of body all treatments is inspired by the sea, and is a treat inside and out. First a full body brush, followed by a hot towel cleanse to relax tired and lethargic muscles. Followed by an exfoliation using a finely ground seaweed with antioxidant compounds that fight cellulite and the signs of ageing. Once your body is wrapped in seaweed you are cocooned in a muslin sheet. While absorbing all the beneficial minerals and nutrients from the seaweed you will receive a relaxing scalp massage. Once showered, you return to the table for an all over massage with Voya’s signature seaweed oil. To complete this treatment you have a choice of Voya’s seaweed teas to help support and cleanse from within.


VOYA – Warm spiced mud wrap   

60 Minutes - £68.00

This deeply purifying treatment is formulated from seaweed - hand harvested fresh from the Atlantic. The extract is rich in potent anti-oxidants and minerals encapsulated in the rich Warm Spiced Mud Wrap. For results-driven clients, this wrap offers immediate and noticeable effects to the skin, including firming and toning of the body. This is a serious detoxifier, metabolism stimulator and a natural anti-ageing booster. Infused with aromatic spices of ginger and orange to revive the senses.


VOYA Organic Hydrating Seaweed Body Scrub

60 Minutes - £68.00

Invigorating peppermint or relaxing lavender

These refreshing and all over exfoliation treatments awaken the skin and body. A fabulous mix of organic plants, seaweed and sugar, all of which perform the double action of gently removing dead skin cells and healing with seaweed extracts.


VOYA REVIVER - Stimulating Seaweed Body Buff

60 Minutes - £68.00

Let us scrub your body head to toe with certified organic bladder wrack body buff. It is the ultimate treat for tired and dull skin. The anti-oxidants from our mineral-rich bladder wrack seaweed combines with VOYA’s signature seaweed massage oils to offer a powerful organic way to better skin and assists in detoxifying.