Stott Pilates method has contemporised the work of late Joseph Pilates and applied the latest up to date information we have of the body. Using the exercises people in chronic pain and close to the operating table get better, even taking up new sports and activities, whilst other active people continue to partake in their favourite pastimes well into their retirement.

Truly remarkable in preventing injury and restoring balance to our bodies it should be prescribed for everyday.

About Chrissy

Chrissy is a fully certified Stott Pilates instructor who works from the Principle Pilates Studio at Universal Marina. She qualified in 2005 and now works closely with physiotherapists, Osteopaths and Chiropractitioners in the area and enjoys working with clients for re-hab to International sports people.

Chrissy is one of seven Merrithew STOTT PILATES Method and ZENGA Mindful Movement Method instructor Trainers in the U.K.  Chrissy was a member of the British Olympic Windsurfing team and has 3 world and many national titles under her belt.


Contact Chrissy

If you would like more information on Stott Pilates or would like to chat to Chrissy, please email or telephone 07817 262 549.