Origins of Ear Candling

It is believed that ea candling dates back to ancient civilisations such as the Aztecs, Greeks, Romans and Egyptians where reeds were used with burning herbs.

Price: £40 per session includes head and face massage and facial reflexology.

The Biosun candles used are made from cotton sprayed with bees wax, honey extract and sage and camomile. They have a filter in them to prevent any ash debris or excessive herbal powder entering the ear canal. (Vegan candles are available on request at time of booking).

Prior to candling you must refrain from using ear drops for at least 24 hours and if starting antibiotics again wait 24 hours before having a treatment.

Both ears should be treated in the same session.

Please note: This is not suitable for people with perforated ear drums, cochlear implants, grommets, an active ear infection, known allergy to bee stings, epileptics, the first three months of pregnancy or those who have an underlying chronic illness such as cancer, MS or HIV infection.

It has been known to help relieve conditions such as: common colds, ear ache, sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, hay fever, headaches, snoring, pressure related from flying and TMJ problems.

The Science bit

A light suction occurs and the movement of the flame causes a vibration which gently massages the ear drum and the deeper bones beyond called the Ossicle bones. The oxygen in the ear canal is replaced by the herbal vapours which move downwards causing an up draught in the middle of the canal like a chimney effect.

The temperature increase in the ear canal is transmitted to the surrounding areas, sinuses and nose. This change in temperature leads to a change in pressure and expansion in those areas that may be congested. This will cause a draining and clearing of the sinuses and nasal passages and you may be aware of fluid trickling down the back of your throat.

Any ear wax in the canal will be warmed, moistened and loosened and this will gradually be expelled over the next 48 hours so it is advised that you sleep with a towel on your pillow for the next two nights as a precaution.

Depending on the health of the ears, there may be a fine yellow powder left in the candle from the herbs and some solidified candle wax.

What to Expect

During the process, you may feel warmth and hear sizzling and crackling sounds or possibly even feel a small release of pressure; this is all normal and nothing to worry about. Please note: symptoms can worsen immediately after a treatment but this is only transient; very often there will be an almost immediate improvement. 



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