Newsletter December 2016


It's that time of year again. December has come and with it all the joys of Christmas. A perfect time to offer a pampering experience to the ones we love. 

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On Tuesday 13th  December

10.30 am to 1.30 pm

 Learn how important a good skincare routine is, along with using great skincare products from our  VOYA range.

You will learn cleansing techniques, facial massage, and receive a complimentary      

* skin analysis, along with a 15-minute massage of one of the below treatments:

Scalp Massage
Back Massage
Facial Massage
Hand & Arm Massage

*Skin Analysis - Using an ultra violet skin vision lamp, we are able to identify the skin needs, that the naked eye can't see. 
Cost : £10

Please call Nature's Quay on 02380980777 to book your place . Places are limited and therefore must be booked prior to the day.


Vitness beauty drink with 3.3g of collagen

Naturally boost the production of collagen.
Heal, hydrate and replenish the skin
Fight free radicals and oxidative damage caused by UV and pollution.
Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Protect the skin from premature ageing.

A Potent mix of natural botanicals for a radiant glow and Essential nutrients-including zinc and selenium- to nourish, restore and illuminate your skin. 

only £2.50


Pampering presents under £20  

to gift this Christmas

Stocking fillers
Always tricky to find good quality reasonably priced smaller presents.  Check out our unique selection of Voya and BWC (Beauty Without Cruelty) products to bring a little bit of gorgeousness to Christmas time.


Gift Vouchers

Let your loved one pick the experience or present perfect for them.
Gift Vouchers are available for any of our treatments and products directly from our website. No fuss!
Buy Gift Vouchers  


Benefits of a Colour Consultation

We can help you to find the colours of clothing and make up to match your complexion, eye colour and hair depending on your natural colours.

  • You 'll look younger
  • You will feel more confident 
  • You'll save time getting dressed in the morning 
  • Your whole wardrobe will be coordinated
  • Shopping will be easy .
  • You will save money and time.

Duration : 1h30       Price £115
Only in December  Price £100

Book a Colour Consultation and get ready for Christmas, call us on 02380980777.


20% Off

Face Mask Revitalising Skin
This treatment to bring life back to your skin.  The clay is rich in mineral elements, combined with essential mineral oils and absolutely no chemicals.  The effect is to hydrate and suffuse your skin with light energy, releasing a healthy glowing radiance to your face.
Now £48 instead of £60.


Jenni from "Surfing the Sea of Life " will be at Natures Quay

on 15th December offering 30 minute Reiki taster sessions.
 from 10 am to
8pm for £10.  (Sessions are normally £47) .

This introduction to reiki is a great way to try something that your future self will thank you for.  Words do not do Reiki justice, the best way to understand this natural, holistic and relaxing therapy is to experience it.

Reiki can help people recover from illness or injury and complements any other treatments. It’s a great tool to manage stress, anxiety and life’s pressures.  It aims to reset and rebalance your energy system by awakening your own natural healing ability.

As the busy Christmas period draws nearer why not treat yourself to a 30 minute intro and experience Universal energy like never before.

If you have tried it before why not come and meet Jenni, have a relaxing reset to get you ready for Christmas.  Jenni will be selling gift vouchers for full reiki sessions and answering questions about how she can help you surf the sea of your life in 2017 towards a healthy, happy & fulfilled year. 


At Nature's Quay we want to wish you a

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

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Newsletter November 2016

With Christmas just around the corner at Nature's Quay we thought you might like some new and exciting ideas for those hard to buy gifts for friends and family.

Indulgent Christmas Presents 

Naturally and organically sourced, ila products use only the finest natural plant and mineral ingredients in their luxury beauty products. With their natural skincare range, Ila have targeted serums, and moisturisers for day and night. A fantastic gift idea for Christmas!

Gift Vouchers
Gift Vouchers redeem available to  against any of our treatments and products .  Please call or drop in for more information.


Must have Nails for this season

Celebrate this party season with our colourful nail from  BWC (Beauty without cruelty ) as well as eye-liner, mascaras, lipstick and nail varnish.
Our top picks:

  • Ripe cherry lip stick
  • Plump Nail varnish
  • Gold Nail Varnish
  • Full volume mascara 
  • Reckless Rubi lip stick

Winter is a great time to consider a Pampering session!

The winter weather can disrupt even the best skin.  No matter what's going on in your  whether it is holiday pressure or stress at work, the skin reflects it all.  You can minimise the effects of stress with exercise, meditation and proper diet and taking good care of yourself.  So why not make an appointment  at Nature's Quay for a relaxing and pampering treatment to ease all these pressures?

Ladies, Ladies...!!!

Book any of our Facial Treatments on Friday 11th November and
receive 25% off on your next treatment at Nature's Quay. Offer valid for bookings made only on this day.


Yoga Teaching one by one

Qiao Feng was fortunate to have discovered yoga over 25 years ago.  She first practiced classic Hatha yoga extensively in China, and  went on to explore various styles of yoga, mainly Ashtanga and Kundalini in the UK as taught by some inspirational teachers of our time.

Her teaching pays particular attention to the therapeutic benefits that a well balanced approach can bring to the participants, from beginners to the more advanced. Nature's Quay now offers yoga sessions on Wednesday.  Call us to book an appointment on 02380980777.


Would you like to look vibrant and healthy ?

You could be wearing the best- styled outfit or have the most expensive jewellery but if the colours do not suit you, you won't look the best of you. 

Benefits of a Colour Consultation 

We can help you to find the colours of clothing and make up to match your skin complexion, eye colour and hair  depending or your natural colours.

  • You'll look fresher and younger
  • You will feel more confident
  • Will save you time getting dressed in the morning  
  • Your whole wardrobe will be coordinated
  • Shopping will be easy. You will same money and time.

Book a colour consultation with us and get ready for Christmas on 02380980777.

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Newsletter October 2016

Do Autumn months get you down more than you think they should?

At Nature's Quay we offer a number of Complementary Therapies and treatments, which may help you to release these seasonal symptoms (stress, lack of concentration, anxiety ...)

Sports Massage
Sports Massage is a specific type of massage that uses deeper techniques to treat a range of problems, primarily by releasing and rebalancing muscles and tendons. Book with Personal Trainer and Sports Massage Specialist Tracey Abbott for Wednesday appointments from 2pm to 5pm.

Reflexology is a popular and relaxing treatment based on the principle that the reflex points on the feet are connected to corresponding areas throughout the head, body and limbs.We refer to the feet as a map of the body, and we work on those reflexes to help to correct imbalances. Reflexology may help to balance body and mind by clearing energy blockages.
Book with Marian Timms on Thursdays.

Systematic Kinesiology draws on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, energy balancing and theories of acupuncture to understand how these energies can be balanced.
Book with Melinda Annear on Friday or Saturday afternoons.

Flower Essences
What are Flower Essences?  Flower essences are a form of vibrational medicine. They work by offering a harmonious vibrational frequency to the physical & subtle anatomy of the body. The body's response is to move towards that harmony, correcting any imbalances on the way. 

To find out more about Flowers Essences, please contact Sharon Keenan on Wednesdays 2pm to 6pm.



Thank you very much to all of you for supporting Macmillan Coffee Afternoon on Friday 16th September. We raised £119,09. A Special Thank you to Sharon Keenan who prepared a lot of lovely cakes to support the event. We all had a great afternoon. Thank you for your contributions. It is going to a good cause.

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