Introducing VOYA’s Luxury, Organic Lifestyle range of room Diffusers.

VOYA have launched a range of four new natural organic room fragrances to complement your every mood and bring their spa experience into your home.  These make excellent gifts and VOYA will be following up with Candles in the four new fragrances later this summer.

Each fragrance has its own personality and therapeutic benefit in their ‘Oh So Scented’ range. 


African Lime and Clove (renamed from VOYA’s Lime and Basil fragrance)

‘This is a tantalising refreshing and vitalizing scent with African Lime and Clove mingling to give you a vibrant aroma. If you love a scent of citrus hints of lemon grapefruit and fresh limes with an unexpected herb twist and a spicy clove this is the perfect fragrance for you! On each box Voya gives you the therapeutic benefit and their cheeky location tip.


This fragrance will brighten any environment, corridors, offices, kitchen bathroom, it’s a brilliant pick me up scent for the day! Voya even suggest bringing this one into the office with you to share the love.’


 ‘This next fragrance is also evocative of spring’s sense of awakening but it also that bit creamier!

Ginger chai lattes and Brazilian mandarins mingle with buttery Madagascar clove oil. This is a real unisex scent and a great and unique present for the man in your life and those who dwell around him. The therapeutic benefit of this fragrance hides within its warm rich undertones of spice and the abundance of fresh citrus scents. It’s another positive pick me up and delivers a lovely sense of well-being. This fragrance contains ginger which has been proved to have therapeutic benefit of easing nausea and inner upset.’

If you suffer with nausea VOYA recommend a product pairing, with their current Peppermint tea!


Lavender, Rose and Camomile

‘Moving to spaces of relaxation, and for those of you who prefer a sweeter and passion infused scent, VOYA introduces two more NEW fragrances. Suitable for evenings in and a wonderful gift of tranquility and relaxation, VOYA introduces Lavender, Rose and Camomile. This scent is sensuous, calming, subtle and sweet all in one. Cushioning notes of camomile with rose essence this is a beautiful floral uplift and a harmonious soothing aroma. We suggest this fragrance to be used as accomplice to the perfect night’s sleep and to help de-stress a racing mind!   

Cedarwood and Bergamot


Last but certainly not least, there is ‘Oh So Scented Cedarwood and Bergamot nicknamed earth and flowers by VOYA staff this is a timeless refined and luxurious scent.


‘Invigorating eucalyptus, patchouli and deep forest scents mix to create a sumptuous and yet balanced aroma, be ready to have your surround transformed with opulence. The therapeutic benefits of this scent include soothing and improving mental clarity all at once! A fantastic addition for living room spaces, bedrooms and entertainment spaces, this is one you want to share with your friends!’


These VOYA diffusers are on sale at Nature’s Quay for £35 during April and May (usual price £38).



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