The ancient healing art of Jin Shin Jyutsu (Japanese Acupressure) with Sharon Keenan

Here at Naature’s Quay we are delighted to welcome Sharon, who is a Flower Essence Practitioner & Multidimensional Healer.  She works with compassion and confidentiality and is an Advanced Practitioner Member of the British Flower & Vibrational Essence Association.  Initially trained in Archaeology, she has worked in the Healing Arts since 1995.

‘My passion is helping people reconnect with their inner wisdom and live happier, healthier lives’


This is an ancient healing art from Japan, not so very well known here in the West. It is a highly developed form of energy balancing, which brings balance to Body, Mind & Spirit.

In a typical Jin Shin Jyutsu session, which lasts about one hour, the receiver remains clothed and lies face- up on a therapy couch. After "listening" to the energy pulses in the wrists, Sharon will employ a harmonizing sequence, or "flow," appropriate for unblocking relevant pathways and restoring energy.  Working directly with Universal Life Force Energy, this wonderful therapy is:

-       Gentle

-       Unobtrusive

-       Deeply relaxing

-       Suitable for all ages

-       Performed through light clothing

-       A dynamic way of helping the body to help itself


About us

At Nature's Quay we help you to reconnect to the essence of who you are, allowing you to regain balance in your life.

We provide a tranquil space where you can regain harmony; Physically, Emotionally & Mentally. A unique experience with Nature's gifts, the key to your wellbeing. We work with products that are chosen for their purity, sustainability, ethically sourced, free from harmful chemicals and ecologically sound.

We offer everything from one to one ‘reformer’ Pilates to a selection of holistic therapies, waxing, facials and full body massage, as well as half-day experiences.

Within our shop both on site and online you will find a range of beauty products that are hand selected, non-toxic and cruelty free.

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