Blog November 2017

Mind &Body Connection

We all understand the importance of taking care of ourselves by eating healthily, getting plenty of sleep and using massage therapies to relieve daily stress. 
More and more of us are now also exploring holistic and transformation experiences in order to create a balanced emotional health.  Nature's Quay,  Universal Marina's well being centre, provides a  wide variety of innovative treatments such as facials, massages, wraps and scrubs . We also offer holistic therapies such as  Reiki, Reflexology, Yoga and Meditation. All provided by specialist practitioners.


Are you looking for something different to treat yourself or your loved ones this Christmas?

For stress reduction, why not give one of the Voya candles and aromas to re-balance the mind and spirit?  The Voya lavender candle is the ideal solution.
Or have a relaxing night in with VOYA’s ‘Oh So Scented African Lime and Clove Diffuser’, and a hot bath and ‘Angelicus Serratus Seaweed Body Oil’! Try our Revitalizing Bath Oil – after a long day, just place 2 capfuls into your bath; the perfect answer to a difficult day.  

nq december 17 events.jpg

Every Wednesday in November Nature’s Quay is offering a 50% discount on the  60 Minute ‘Voya Seaweed Body Buff’. The best way to detox and exfoliate your skin. Usually priced £68  Now £34