Newsletter November 2016

With Christmas just around the corner at Nature's Quay we thought you might like some new and exciting ideas for those hard to buy gifts for friends and family.

Indulgent Christmas Presents 

Naturally and organically sourced, ila products use only the finest natural plant and mineral ingredients in their luxury beauty products. With their natural skincare range, Ila have targeted serums, and moisturisers for day and night. A fantastic gift idea for Christmas!

Gift Vouchers
Gift Vouchers redeem available to  against any of our treatments and products .  Please call or drop in for more information.


Must have Nails for this season

Celebrate this party season with our colourful nail from  BWC (Beauty without cruelty ) as well as eye-liner, mascaras, lipstick and nail varnish.
Our top picks:

  • Ripe cherry lip stick
  • Plump Nail varnish
  • Gold Nail Varnish
  • Full volume mascara 
  • Reckless Rubi lip stick

Winter is a great time to consider a Pampering session!

The winter weather can disrupt even the best skin.  No matter what's going on in your  whether it is holiday pressure or stress at work, the skin reflects it all.  You can minimise the effects of stress with exercise, meditation and proper diet and taking good care of yourself.  So why not make an appointment  at Nature's Quay for a relaxing and pampering treatment to ease all these pressures?

Ladies, Ladies...!!!

Book any of our Facial Treatments on Friday 11th November and
receive 25% off on your next treatment at Nature's Quay. Offer valid for bookings made only on this day.


Yoga Teaching one by one

Qiao Feng was fortunate to have discovered yoga over 25 years ago.  She first practiced classic Hatha yoga extensively in China, and  went on to explore various styles of yoga, mainly Ashtanga and Kundalini in the UK as taught by some inspirational teachers of our time.

Her teaching pays particular attention to the therapeutic benefits that a well balanced approach can bring to the participants, from beginners to the more advanced. Nature's Quay now offers yoga sessions on Wednesday.  Call us to book an appointment on 02380980777.


Would you like to look vibrant and healthy ?

You could be wearing the best- styled outfit or have the most expensive jewellery but if the colours do not suit you, you won't look the best of you. 

Benefits of a Colour Consultation 

We can help you to find the colours of clothing and make up to match your skin complexion, eye colour and hair  depending or your natural colours.

  • You'll look fresher and younger
  • You will feel more confident
  • Will save you time getting dressed in the morning  
  • Your whole wardrobe will be coordinated
  • Shopping will be easy. You will same money and time.

Book a colour consultation with us and get ready for Christmas on 02380980777.

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